Driving team member engagement fosters huge benefits to all organizations. The difference in outstanding service comes down to your team. A fully engaged team drives client loyalty regardless of whom you serve. All organizations need to implement engagement strategies to maximize effectiveness.

Public Safety

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Public safety professionals understand the importance of Dispatch Improvement because Seconds Save Lives. DSS Corporation focuses on NG9-1-1 Recording and Dispatch Improvement providing solutions to track and trend performance in your dispatch center. Public safety professionals yield major improvements to their agencies by utilizing Learning on Demand and the Equature Performance Suite. Some of our valued partners include Massachusetts State 911 Department, Oregon State Police, Colorado State Police, Livonia Police and Genesee County.
Oklahoma City Bombing Webinar: Lessons learned 20 years later

  • Examine what happened that day
  • Find out the real impact on communications
  • Discuss the lessons learned


The Equature Performance Suite allows you to capture all legacy and NG9-1-1 data now with no fork lift upgrades. Public Safety Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Dispatchers all benefit because Equature provides real-time access to emergency content and the training content to constantly improve.

A full cycle Dispatch Improvement framework provides your center with all capture and monitoring tools along with learning on demand. Learning on demand closes the gap with proper certified modules like:

  • Active Shooter
  • Domestic Violence
  • Suicide Interventions
  • Communication Center Liability
  • Stress Management

Providing learning on demand in bite sized video learning modules allows your dispatchers to take training at their desk or from any mobile device. Equature is the only suite on the market today that provides you with 100% of the Dispatch Improvement tools needed for your team. We do this because your team knows that Seconds.Save.Lives®
Drive Client Loyalty through Team Member Engagement

Are you being crushed by the competition?

95% of businesses will not attain $1 million in sales. Of the 5% that do, less than 1% of those will attain $100 million in sales. Measuring performance is required to achieve excellence. There are unlimited Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you can measure in your business. Are you measuring and focusing on the right ones? Have you ever experienced sales and profit growth while being starved for cash? Check out the following video to understand 3 simple KPIs that can transform your business and why they are so important.

Are your clients loyal?

There are three ways to build a business, find new clients, increase the transaction value of each sale and sell existing clients more frequently. It costs 6 times more to find a new client then sell to an existing client. Loyal clients refer business, pay more and are willing to forgive mistakes. Understanding client loyalty and providing Massive Value to your clients is critical for business success. Check out this video and see if your clients are loyal.

Are Actively Disengaged Employees destroying your business?

According to Gallup, 29% of employees are engaged, 52% of employees are disengaged and 19% are ACTIVELY DISENGAGED. This means that 19% of your staff are working to hurt your agency and poisoning your team. Employee turnover is a huge expense ranging from $10,000 to $30,000 each occurrence. In this free video, find out the 3 KPIs to measure the effectiveness of your employees and why they are critical to business success.