Public Safety Educational Research

NG9-1-1 Impact on the Dispatch Center

In this recorded research briefing you will learn:
  • NG9-1-1 Purpose and Overview
  • The impact of NG9-1-1 on the Dispatch Center
  • Legacy Recording vs. NG9-1-1 Recording and why you need both.

NG9-1-1 is the biggest revolution to happen to Public Safety Centers in 30 years. The need to accept text messages, pictures and videos in real-time is simply a requirement today. People today text more than they make calls and the general public does not realize that 911 Centers can't accept text messages. An effective NG9-1-1 roll out strategy will change this. Get educated now and click on the video to learn more.

Why Dispatch Improvement is Crucial?

In this one-on-one educational research briefing, you will interact directly with one of our industry specialists and discover:
  • Three major risks facing PSAPs today
  • Problems with current training
  • Staffing and funding issues and the liabilities they create
Contact our Public Safety Education Department for other critical learning material including white papers, research briefings, video trainings and books. We strive to keep you informed on the latest trends in Dispatch Improvement and NG9-1-1 Recording.

Private Sector Educational Research

Human Energy: An Innovative Guide to Building a World-Class Business

In this book, you will discover the importance of team member engagement as it relates to client loyalty. Effective organizations understand their team and the best ones nourish them. Here is a glimpse inside:
  • The importance of finding flow
  • Management and team member engagement
  • The four energy types
  • Startling statistics

Jason Jennings – What the New York Times bestselling author of, Less is More, Think Big-Act Small and The Reinventors had to say about this book:
Jason Jennings
"This book should be every entrepreneur's and leader’s best friend. Every page is filled with solid common sense takeaways. It contains all the advice you need to rekindle your body, mind and spirit and make you fit for growth. Bravo!"

Trends Driving World Class Business Performance

Did you know?
  • 33% of business bankruptcies are caused by employee theft
  • 19% of employees are actively disengaged and destroying your business
  • 10% price discount means you need to increase sales by 66% to make the same profit
  • 72% of loyal clients refer business
In this one-on-one educational research briefing, you will interact directly with one of our research specialists and discover:
  • The true cost of actively disengaged employees
  • Ramifications of price discounting on profit
  • Creating loyal clients by providing massive value