Equature Performance Suite

The #1 all-in-one capture & analytics solution‏

Capture Suite
The Equature Capture suite is an integrated data collection platform that allows organizations to capture all communications and associated data. Equature is unique because it is a fully integrated solution and are NOT separate products bolted together. The simplicity in our integrated design provides for high availability and high scalability. Each of the Equature capture modules are critical for liability recording and training.


Search Analytics Suite
Drive intelligent decisions with Equature Performance Suite. All captured content is searchable including words and phrases in your voice recordings.
  • Equature Content Search is a searching framework that allows you to search 100% of your captured content.
  • Equature Live Search allows users to have instant access to the data they need now.
  • Equature Proactive Search is a framework that allows the users to be notified when relevant interactions meet their criteria. This is very similar to Google Alerts.
Thus users can setup multiple alerting and searching criteria to help them be more efficient and effective.


Team Suite
Drive operational improvement with Equature Team Suite. Increase team member engagement with functional quality assessments and scorecards. The Equature quality assessment module is a tool that allows you to evaluate all recorded interactions throughout your organization and intuitively take action. Equature is a full cycle solution that allows you to capture, analyze and act. The learning on demand content provides learning content for your users to continuously improve.


Equature Learning On Demand
EQ LOD is a state of the art online learning platform designed to deliver world-class content in 20-45 minute video slices with summaries, documents and quizzes. Research shows that retention is improved by 70% when content is delivered in bite sized chunks. This is why sitcoms and other TV shows are 30 minutes long.

Equature Mobile Solutions

Capturing audio and video from any device is required today for true Interactive Response™. According to Gartner Group, mobile smart device sales surpassed 1 Billion units in 2014. Equature provides mobile capture solutions that include:
  • Patent Pending Cell phone recording
  • Mobile Evidence Capture
  • Proactive Policing solutions

Providing live video stream solutions for situational awareness is required for dispatch operations. Third person perspectives of major events like Active Shooters or Total Disasters are required for critical incident response. Regardless if you capture from wearable devices or drones, having instant access to live events is required for immediate response. Other applications for recording audio and video include:
  • Mobile Capture
  • Interviews
  • Court Room proceedings
  • Confessions
  • Video Camera Capture
  • First Responder Capture

Equature mobile capture solutions allow for real-time decision making. The set of tools will expand on our Equature Performance suite allowing more flexibility and better access to real-time events.
Improve Team Member Engagement with Document Management

Document Management provides a framework of delivering the right information to the right people at the right time. Any document type, including paper, large format drawings, microfilm, Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint and email can now be shared and optimized instantly. Business process improvement is imperative for organizations looking to streamline workflows and to save money.

The right information is needed for your team to do their job effectively. Providing the right tools will foster team member engagement and client loyalty. If you are a government organization facing budget cuts, you understand the need to do more with less. Document Management is imperative to cover staff shortages and streamline workflows.

Your team will realize the following benefits from Document Management:

  • Access to information from devices anywhere
  • Document Security and audit trail of what was accessed by whom
  • Intelligent and fast document search and retrieval
  • Virtual Office support with 24x7x365 access to your documents
  • Seamless data sharing with core business systems
  • Streamlined work processes that save money
  • Increased team member engagement
  • Enhanced client / citizen satisfaction

Gaining Operational Improvement through Document Management fosters team member engagement. When team members are engaged, the end result is happy customers and true costs savings.